Digital Pirani Vacuum Gauge DPRG-2GH-SP

Digital Pirani Vacuum Gauge DPRG-2GH-SP

IHVP Measuring Equipment

The Model DPRG series Vacuum Pirani Gauge Controller displays vacuum pressure as measured from a S-PR-GH sensor tube. It displays vacuum measurements based on thermal conductivity of gases. The Model DPRG-2GH-SP unit covers the range from 0.001 mbar to 20 mbar, and controls relay with independent set point. It is a dual channel gauge, channel selection from front bezel membrane switch.

Features at a Glance

  • Measurement range 0.001 to 20 mbar
  • Space saving rugged design- 1/8 DIN console
  • Space saving rugged design- 1/8 DIN console
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • brass body measuring cell with metal-sealed feed through
  • with universal power supply – input voltage from 90 ~ 264VAC, frequency 47 ~ 440Hz


IHVP offers a convenient recalibration service to help users of vacuum measurement pirani/ thermocouple/ full range gauges to maintain all of their vacuum gauges in Certified and peak condition, regardless of the original manufacturer.

All makes of vacuum gauges can also be calibrated/repaired if required.
The calibration certificates are available only on request at additional cost. Pl contact before ordering.


  • Controlling high vacuum systems
  • Fore vacuum pressure monitoring
  • Safety circuits in vacuum systems
  • General vacuum measurement & control in the fine and rough vacuum range.

Technical Specifications

Number of sensor channels Two
Display Range 1000 mBar to 0.001mBar
Measuring Range 20 mBar to 0.001mBar
Units of Display m.Bar
Vacuum Gauge Head S-PR-GH sensor tube
Temp. Range +2 to +50 deg. Celsius
VAC. Display 4-digit bright red LED, 14 mm high
Channel selection Through front panel selection switch
VAC and ATM Adjust adjusted by trim pot at the signal conditioner PCB
Process control set points Two
Process Control Relays Two relays, potential free contacts; independent
available through the DB15 accessory connector on the rear panel
Nonvolatile Memory Only for set points
Operating Voltage universal power supply, input voltages from 90 ~ 264VAC 50/60 Hz
Mounting ¼ DIN 92 x 92 mm (3.62” x 3.62″)
Environmental Considerations not for use with explosive or corrosive gases
Overall dimensions 92mm X 92mm X 110mm Depth
Optional outputs on request RS485, 0 -10V Dc analog output

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